Case Study :Digital Transformation of ProEquine


ProEquine needed to modernize their operations by leveraging digital tools for
better accessibility and collaboration. The goal was to ensure seamless access to
information and enhance internal communication without the burden of managing
physical servers.


App Development

We developed a bespoke app designed to meet ProEquine's specific operational needs, facilitating enhanced engagement with their services and a streamlined user experience.

Digital Cloud Transformation

We transitioned ProEquine's email and file storage to the cloud, enabling secure, remote access to information anytime, anywhere. Integration of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint promoted secure collaboration across the organization, with online meetings and information sharing becoming more efficient than ever

Low-Cost Annual Subscription

Our cloud solution offered ProEquine a costeffective alternative to physical servers. The low-cost annual subscription model provided them with all the necessary digital tools without the hefty investment in physical infrastructure.

Domain Management

Understanding the necessity of an online presence, we secured and managed a domain for ProEquine that reflected their brand identity, ensuring a stable and secure foundation for their digital footprint.

Support and Training

We offered comprehensive support and training for ProEquine employees on Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, ensuring they could leverage these tools to their fullest potential through best practices


ProEquine successfully underwent a digital transformation, now boasting a strong, secure online presence and improved internal communications and data accessibility. The cloud-based solutions not only reduced their operational costs but also enhanced efficiency and collaboration within the team.

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