Case Study :Sahab's Digital Evolution


Sahab needed to modernize its IT infrastructure to support a more agile and secure operation. The company was seeking solutions to improve accessibility, enhance security, and ensure a strong online presence, all while maintaining high levels of support for its employees


Digital Cloud Transformation

We guided Sahab through a comprehensive digital cloud transformation, moving their data and applications to a secure, scalable cloud platform. This shift not only facilitated remote access to information but also improved collaboration across the company

Domain Management

Understanding the importance of a strong digital identity, we assisted Sahab in securing a domain that accurately represented their brand. Our services included the selection, registration, and ongoing management of their domain, ensuring its stability and security.

Support and Training

Our engagement with Sahab extended to providing continuous support and training, particularly in leveraging their new cloud based tools and resources. This included tailored assistance for Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, enabling Sahab's team to adopt these platforms seamlessly.


Sahab's transition to a cloud based infrastructure and the establishment of a secure domain significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and online presence. The comprehensive support and training we offered ensured a smooth transition for their employees, allowing Sahab to capitalize on the benefits of digital transformation swiftly and effectively

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